Welcome to Seasoned to Taste, which has been my work and my passion for twenty three years, along with my kitchen staff and decorating assistants, two wonderful former partners and many other lovely staff members.

While I have attended a number of cooking schools, I attribute my initial interest and love of cooking to The Galloping Gourmet and to my mother.  I became enthralled with the creative, enthusiastic (if not slightly tipsy) Graham Kerr at the age of eleven. I remember one day asking my mother if I could make TGG's multi grain bread stuffed with creamy spinach the next day as part of dinner. She said, "Sure, put the ingredients on my shopping list."

My mother understandably wasn't excited about the everyday job of feeding six children of varying tastes.  One night, for example, she might make Thousand Island Dressing out of catsup and mayonnaise, and the next night call the same recipe, "French Dressing."  So she gladly turned the kitchen over to me when I asked, and cooking became my childhood, teenage and even college hobby.  It never really ended.

The business of catering requires far more than culinary skills.   The most essential ingredients, assuming lovely food, are creativity and organization.  What has always distinguished Seasoned to Taste is a flair for the presentation of food dishes and the entire event setting, as well as the personal care with which we treat each customer and his/ her/their celebration.

I was asked once to quickly describe my mom in one word.  I responded "elegant."  After more thought, I would add, "faith filled, hard working, fair, practical as salt, and, yes, elegant."  If you also consider her sweetheart --- my father's love of life and of people, his generosity of spirit and his enduring humor --- you can understand where my gifts and my priorities come from.  My parents remain the inspiration upon which I have built my life and my business.

I think once you meet me, you will immediately recognize my passion for people and my great joy in helping each client create the perfect celebration.

Paula Kiley -- Private Catering/Event Design -- Leesburg, Virginia 20176 -- 703.669.9400/Fax: 703.669.9606 -- email: paulakileystt@aol.com